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Matt Parks
Durham, North Carolina, USA
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Woefully undercooked, not in any real order other than the way they come to mind, and I have to leave out documentaries and experimental films and shorts, and badly under-represent silent cinema just to make the task manageable. Nevertheless:

1. The House is Black (Forugh Farrokhzad)
2. Tabu (F.W. Murnau )
3. The Intruder (Claire Denis)
4. Vertigo (Hitchcock)
5. Raging Bull (Martin Scorsese)
6. Sunrise (Murnau)
7. Eyes Wide Shut (Kubrick)
8. Dead Man (Jim Jarmusch)
9. The Color of Pomegranates (Sergei Parajanov)
10. White Heat (Walsh)
11. Out 1 (Jacques Rivette)
12. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick)
13. Chinatown (Roman Polanski)
14. Notre musique (Jean-Luc Godard)
15. Stalker (Tarkovsky)
16. Clean, Shaven (Lodge Kerrigan)
17. Spirit of the Beehive (Victor Erice)
18. Goodbye, South, Goodbye (Hou)
19. Only Angels Have Wings (Hawks)
20. Sansho the Bailiff (Mizoguchi)
21. Warsaw Bridge (Pere Portabella)
22. Zodiac (David Fincher)
23. Pola X (Leos Carax)
24. Moolaadé (Ousmane Sembene)
25. Five Easy Pieces (Bob Rafelson)
26. The King of Marvin Gardens (Bob Rafelson)
27. The Last Detail (Hal Ashby)
28. The Big Trail (Raoul Walsh)
29. Yi Yi (Yang)
30. Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East? (Bae Yong-Kyun)
31. The World (Jia Zhang-ke)
32. Chungking Express (Wong Kar Wai)
33. The Wind Will Carry Us (Kiarostami)
34. Barry Lyndon (Kubrick)
35. Bad Lieutenant (Abel Ferrara)
36. The Funeral (Abel Ferrara)
37. Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese)
38. After Hours (Martin Scorsese)
39. The Thin Red Line (Malick)
40. Satantango (Tarr)
41. A Brighter Summer Day (Edward Yang)
42. Actress (Stanley Kwan)
43. Do the Right Thing (Spike Lee)
44. Walker (Alex Cox)
45. Blade Runner (Ridley Scott)
46. Apocalypse Now (Coppola)
47. Killer of Sheep (Charles Burnett)
48. Cet obscur objet du désir (Buñuel)
49. Lost Highway (David Lynch)
50. The Godfather Part II (Francis Ford Coppola)
51. F for Fake (Welles)
52. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (Buñuel)
53. The Wild Bunch (Sam Peckinpah)
54. Playtime (Tati)
55. Andrei Rublev (Andrei Tarkovsky)
56. Shock Corridor (Fuller)
57. Contempt (Godard)
58. The Manchurian Candidate (John Frankenheimer)
59. Last Year at Marienbad (Resnais)
60. Psycho (Hitchcock)
61. Elephant (Gus Van Sant)
62. L’ Avventura (Antonioni)
63. The 400 Blows (Truffaut)
64. Hiroshima Mon Amour (Resnais)
65. Peeping Tom (Powell)
66. Pickpocket (Bresson)
67. Rio Bravo (Hawks)
68. Paths of Glory (Kubrick)
69. The Pawnbroker (Sidney Lumet)
70. Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (Tashlin)
71. A Man Escaped (Bresson)
72. The Searchers (Ford)
73. Aparajito (Satyajit Ray)
74. Kiss Me Deadly (Robert Aldrich)
75. The Night of the Hunter (Laughton)
76. Ordet (Dreyer)
77. Rebel Without a Cause (Nicholas Ray)
78. The Wages of Fear (Clouzot)
79. The Naked Spur (Mann)
80. Pickup on South Street (Fuller)
81. Tokyo Story (Ozu)
82. The Seven Samurai (Akira Kurosawa)
83. In a Lonely Place (Nicholas Ray)
84. Force of Evil (Abraham Polonsky)
85. To Have and Have Not (Hawks)
86. Day of Wrath (Dreyer)
87. I Walked with a Zombie (Jacques Tourneur)
88. Cat People (Jacques Tourneur)
89. The Palm Beach Story (Sturges)
90. The Rules of the Game (Renoir)
91. Fury (Lang)
92. Modern Times (Chaplin)
93. Zéro de conduite (Jean Vigo)
94. The Crowd (Vidor)
95. La passion de Jeanne d’Arc (Dreyer)
96. Metropolis (Lang)
97. Sherlock, Jr. (Keaton)
98. Nosferatu (F.W. Murnau)
99. Les Vampires (Feuillade)
100.The Asthenic Syndrome (Kira Muratova)